The training of people brings incredible benefits to the company, both on a day-to-day basis, improving the work environment, and in the long term, achieving the achievement of strategic objectives and having a positive impact on the economic results of the business.

Both for staff in general and for trainers and leaders, at RoCX we are specialists in retail-oriented training.


We offer unique programs, adapted to the needs of our clients and with a symbolic and experiential methodology.


For this, we have highly qualified and specialized professionals in the different areas of your business, being able to make both you and your team learn or unlearn, according to the needs.

At RoCX we have the key for our clients to stay at the forefront in a chameleon market, where changes are constant and increasingly rapid. For this reason, we carry out courses designed to develop your management and leadership skills in retail.


We firmly believe that the training of people and teams allows companies to ensure that they will be able to face the challenges and new challenges of the future successfully.


We put passion and desire in everything we do.

the role of the trainee ?

The trainer within a company is the person who gives an orientation about the values ​​of the company to new talents, as well as continuously supports and trains those who have been in the organization for the longest time.


A good trainer must inform, while generating a positive interaction between all the members of the different teams, with the ultimate goal of achieving the strategic objectives that the company has designated.


As "leaders", in a certain way, they must have empathy, know how to motivate, have the capacity to organize, plan, and help others to develop, taking out their full potential in terms of skills and abilities.


Training is considered a very effective tool to improve the performance of those who are part of an organization, and that brings benefits both to the company and to those who attend the trainings.


A correct training system allows the company to be competitive and have innovation. In addition, as we have already mentioned, it leads to greater profitability and improves relationships in the work group.