Shop fitting

We offer comprehensive services that we adapt to the needs of each client and in any sector of activity.

All the materials, furniture and elements that we use are a reflection of the quality and care with which we work.


We take care of every detail and help you create your own identity.


We transform spaces of any commercial activity providing innovation, creativity and quality.

It does not matter if you start from scratch or if you need a reinvention, we are here to share with you the illusion of the birth of your new project and we accompany you in every step you need to take.


We guarantee a correct assembly adapted to the regulations thanks to the people who make up our team and whose differential value is their experience and sharing our values ​​in everything they do.


We put passion and desire in everything we do.


How to impact more, attract and retain our consumers?

Going to a store is no longer just covering the need to buy a product, but it has become an experience, even a hobby, on many occasions. In fact, there are studies about consumer behavior that reflect this trend of shopping as a leisure activity.

Interior design, furniture, signage, accessories ... Everything counts to create spaces focused on the well-being of consumers, to motivate sales and, especially, to retain them.

Customer loyalty is, in addition to being much cheaper than acquiring new customers, a necessary tool, given the growing competition in all business sectors.

That is why retail, through shop fitting, seeks a way to create that perfect environment that attracts consumers to our store, lengthens their stay in it, multiplying the purchase possibilities and the probability that the value of the ticket will increase. average.

At RoCX we take care of every detail, we transform spaces of any commercial activity into pleasant environments where customers want to be, and we help you create your own identity.