Search Engine Optimization

It is a set of techniques to optimise the visibility of a website within search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex or Bing, for example.

It is always advisable to make an economic investment in advertising. In addition to taking into account SEO positioning, which is one of the Inbound marketing tools with the best ROI, or Return on Investment. In addition, by reaching users organically, it is less aggressive than advertising and does not interrupt the user's search process, which is why Google's first organic result usually carries the most clicks, according to several studies.

El posicionamiento SEO consiste en esas técnicas que mejorarán tu visibilidad en los principales buscadores.

With a correct methodology and optimization of the web you will be able to see how organic traffic increases and you will be able to reach more potential clients and retain them.

In RoCX  como agencia de posicionamiento SEO  trabajamos con una estricta política de calidad para evitar posibles penalizaciones por parte de los motores de búsqueda.

El trabajo de nuestro equipo SEO  es intentar que tus keywords de negocio estén en el Top10, te reporten tráfico cualificado y generen nuevas oportunidades de venta para ti.

This aspect is very important, since, according to various studies, 95% of search engine users never go to the second page of results . That is why it is often said that the best way to hide a corpse is on the second page of Google.


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Content is the basis of SEO. Quality, interesting, useful and up-to-date content. It must respond to the user's search needs. Several key elements within this content are the keywords or keywords, tags and URL, among others. Keywords are the words most used by users in their searches; including them in our text, in a natural way, will help the positioning of our page, especially if they are placed in the meta tag or headings (H1, H2...).

User experience_

How do users browse our website, how long do they stay on the page, did they find what they were looking for or did they enter and leave immediately (bounce)? All these factors are measurable, they help us to know the degree of satisfaction of our visitors, and determine the positioning of our website.


Performance includes the loading time of the web page, and is directly related to the user experience. Few things are more annoying and frustrating than a page that loads slowly. It also considers the usability of the website on mobile devices, among other factors.