Management consulting

Management consulting is a key tool for successful organizational development. Our team of experts works on:

- Add value to your company.
- Help identify and investigate problems.
- Objectively advise on the adoption of appropriate KPIs.
- Support teams throughout the adoption process.

The Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for its acronym in English, are indicators of the performance of a company.

It is an essential measurement to know the quality of the different areas of your business, in fact, that is why they are also known as Quality Indicators .

Although they are used in all productive sectors, they are especially important in Marketing.

And that's why we're here.

There are many factors and variables that can be evaluated in this industry thanks to KPIs , and the result of this analysis is used to make informed decisions in favor of a notable and positive change in the results of the organization. It could be said that KPIs are measurable values ​​of progress or compliance status in achieving a certain business goal .

The KPIs in marketing can be general, for web analysis, for social networks ..., and there are even specific ones for each social network, such as retweets (Twitter) or recommendations (LinkedIn).


Some of the most recurring KPIs are, for example, cost per click , conversion rate, number of conversions, number of followers, cost per conversion, number of shares, number of leads, cost per lead, organic traffic to the website, growth in sales or the number of new customers, just to mention a few.

At this point it is essential to differentiate KPIs from metrics , something that frequently generates confusion. Metrics are values ​​to be measured, but only if those values ​​are important to meet a business objective will they be considered KPIs.
Thanks to KPIs you will be able to know what your marketing objectives are, how to achieve them, analyze if you actually met them and finally how to optimize the process next time.


In summary, nowadays the creation of a strategic marketing campaign is not conceived without first establishing the desired KPIs .


At RoCX we help you to work on the identification, transformation and development of your company's marketing KPIs, so that you achieve better performance in all the areas involved.


We put passion and desire in everything we do.



Getting the most talent out of human teams is an important defining element of the success of the organization. For this, from RoCX we recommend continuous training of the workforce. We will teach your employees to work with the marketing KPIs defined by the company, so that they can carry out an adequate management of the indicators and thus optimize the profitability of the company.