Management consulting and merchandising

Point of sale merchandising techniques take on a new dimension at RoCX. We help you manage and present your product offer through association grouping, that is, creating different groups of similar or linked products.

Did you know, for example, that people tend to walk to the right side ? The place where you put your products DOES MATTER!


Learn to present and rotate your offer to get the maximum return while meeting the needs of your customers.

Our department of merchandising experts will help you , thanks to their extensive knowledge of management tools, to:




Detect and solve problems.

Improve the image of the product.

Overcome weaknesses.

Keep the stock up to date.

Detectar oportunidades en el sistema de distribución.

Improve the positioning of your products.

Avoid out of stock.

Control of the price strategy.

Achievement of additional spaces.

Arrangement of spaces (Layout, navigation ...)

This set of visibility, rotation and presentation tactics, in order to obtain the maximum profitability of your product offer, is the basis of point of sale management merchandising, also known, given its importance and final impact, such as strategic merchandising .


A better management of the assortment and the space of your store will make you sell more and better!


We put passion and desire in everything we do.

layout at the point of sale

The Layout in point of view contributes greatly to successful management merchandising. It is about the organization of the different departments of a store, and it has a direct impact, not only on the distribution of products, but also on the flow or circulation of consumers.


The main objective of the Layout at the point of sale is to create a route or attraction between areas, which makes the customer visit areas or see products that were not contemplated or that, as they say, the store "Sell alone." This translates into a higher average ticket, that is, more benefits for you.


We create the perfect shopping experience for your customers, so you can sell more.

cold areas and hot areas

Hot and cold areas are generated by the movement of people at your point of sale. cold areas are those in which, for architectural reasons, fewer people travel. The hot spots , on the other hand, are the ones that naturally attract the largest number of people.


Good control over hot and cold zones is essential for the success of your business.


How to encourage the flow of consumers in cold areas and make the most of hot areas?


Hot zones are ideal for testing new products and launches. The best-selling products will help you attract your buyers to cold areas.


At RoCX we will give you these and other recommendations so that you can improve all the Layout aspects of your point of sale. You will sell more and your customers will leave happier! And, of course, they will return!