Management and stock consulting

Stock, "merchandise for sale" or inventory, is the set of products that a company stores with the intention of subsequently selling them to its customers.

stock management is, therefore, another of the key areas for the success of your business, and a great challenge for many companies no only logistics, but for all those who distribute their products and, therefore, have a warehouse.


It is the base of the supply chain where purchasing from suppliers, storage and inventory, insurance… converge until these products leave the store.


And precisely, being an area formed by several processes or moments, is that the stock management is so important. It could be said that the profitability of a company depends, to a large extent, on its inventory management.

There are many factors that affect stock management, and that mean that it must be customized for each business:

Warehouse size.

Expiration of the merchandise.

Product seasonality.

Sales rhythm.

And so on


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Poor stock management can lead to great financial losses and customer dissatisfaction.


Excessive stock increases storage and associated insurance costs, as well as the risks of damage, theft or loss. On the contrary, a stock less than necessary, weighs down the company's profit possibilities and frustrates the customer, who cannot access the product he was wanting to buy.


At RoCX we are great connoisseurs of this area, key to any business that intends to be successful. We will help you determine the ideal stock for your company, so that you optimize the entire supply chain process and maximize profits while minimizing risks.

Stock management training

We study all the variables that influence or can influence the stock management. We can help you define your assortment, train you so that you can get the most out of it, or teach you to define your own strategies in relation to your stock . We even offer courses to teach how to minimize demarcation and thus lead you to obtain better results.


Despite the fact that years ago stock management was carried out manually, thanks to new technologies, today this process can be done much more quickly and efficiently through a Warehouse Management System (WMS), a software to carry, comfortably , more reliable and saving time, the administrative and operational control of the warehouse, including inputs and outputs of the product, labeling, location of the products in the warehouse, etc.


There are several types of warehouse management systems, which can be independent or cloud-based (Software as a Service, SaaS), for example, as well as ERP modules.


At RoCX we help you in the planning phase to choose the best warehouse management system for you, according to the characteristics and needs of your business.