Desarrollo web y Ecommerce

Web design covers the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of your website, or in other words, your virtual business.

Si el shop fitting se preocupa de la apariencia y los accesorios en la tienda física, el diseño web “creates" the perfect environment to retain your customers. en la tienda online.

It's not just a place to have your phone number and physical address; the website allows you to offer your customers and prospects information about your products and services, prices, news, company information, and much more.

In RoCX desarrollamos páginas web con el CMS WordPress adaptadas tanto a tus necesidades como a las de tu negocio, sin importar el tamaño de éste o el sector al que te dediques.

We want to help you and develop a website with a good architecture, that is usable, has a great design and is liked by search engines.


We put passion and desire in everything we do.


It is very necessary to keep the website up to date, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of design and even security.

An updated website will help to capture and maintain the visitor's attention, while at the same time giving prestige to the company within the search engines. We must not forget that search engines scan web pages for quality text and penalise outdated pages.

In addition, a good web design will give a good image of the company to potential customers. With so much competition and consumers comparing products and services through websites, an attractive and up-to-date site will certainly score points.

Finally, incorrect contact details, outdated product catalogue or lack of recent news can give an image of laziness and unprofessionalism, causing a bad user experience and frustration.


The WordPress content management system is one of the preferred systems for companies to design their websites, as it has several features that make it very advantageous


The first of these is that it is free. A free and quality website, what more could you ask for? In addition, it is very easy to use, it can even be controlled from the mobile app, and it has templates with attractive designs to help you customise the content. There are also add-ons or extensions if you want to enhance your site with videos, photo galleries, comments section, etc.


Finally, WordPress is open source, requires no programming knowledge, is the best CMS for blogging and is optimised for SEO, making it, without a doubt, the best content management tool at no cost.


Feel like your website is yours with WordPress!