Servicios Posicionamiento SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a web search engine marketing strategy aimed at increasing the visibility and improving the positioning of a brand.

It is based on strategies and tools to develop advertising campaigns through advertisements that appear on the results pages of the different search engines.

Some of the main advantages del posicionamiento SEM en Asturias son el unlimited use of keywords -with the importance they have-, and that the results can be noticed in a short period of time, having more possibilities of appearing in the first positions of the search engine ranking del buscador y recibiendo, por tanto, más clics. Es frecuente que una buena campaña de posicionamiento SEM lleve más tráfico a tu web, en poco tiempo.

In addition, SEM offers many segmentation and customisation options, making it a perfect fit for any company and any target audience.


Through online advertising campaigns you can improve your visibility, increase the number of contacts, sales or followers in the different social networks.


And, despite being a paid tool, your budget can be adapted to give you great results, which can even be tested before you start.


We put passion and desire in everything we do.


In RoCX somos especialistas en posicionamiento SEM, ya sea Google o Social Ads. Optimizamos las campañas para conseguir el CPC mínimo y tener conversiones.

We will advise you on where to invest and how to do it in the best way, according to your business, so that you get the best results and maximum performance. Thanks to SEM you will get traffic to your website, raise awareness of your brand and generate conversions.


Google Ads is a service, logically from the Google search engine, which offers sponsored advertising. In other words, it is Google's advertising platform. This service offers many facilities to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, measuring conversions. In addition, through Google Analytics it allows you to analyse performance and generate reports about it.

Google Ads es un servicio, lógicamente del motor de búsqueda Google, que ofrece publicidad patrocinada. En otras palabras, es la plataforma de publicidad de Google

Por su parte, Social Ads abarca toda la publicidad a través de redes sociales.

En RoCX te asesoraremos acerca de qué plataforma es mejor para tu negocio y qué tipo de anuncio puedes desarrollar en ella, para que conquistes a tus seguidores.