Web Analytics

We design a control panel, tailored to the landing pages, based on the most relevant indicators to monitor and later tune the communication and thus identify the interests and behaviors of the users.

The dashboards are the visual representation of the study of the data provided by different sources. They present, in a clear, organized, coherent and visual way, the information necessary for making decisions that affect business strategy, presented in the form of variables projected in graphs or tables.

The dashboards can be focused on many different objectives, related to each business: web analytics, study of campaigns, SEO traffic ... The configuration of the data to be presented must be personalized, adapted to customer needs.

important elements of a dashboard


Questions that we want to answer about our website, business, actions or processes. Selection of KPIs and analysis segments.

Data sources

I work with multiple data sources. If we only work with a single source, probably the best solution will be the analytics panel of the tool with which we work.


Graphic design is essential to order the information and make the table easier to read.


A good scorecard has filters that allow you to see the data of different segments and compare their performance. Interactivity design is another central element in designing and developing a scorecard.